Here are some projects I’m proud of, in rough chronological order.

  1. Improving Man-Machine Partnership using Mixed Reality Social Feedback: My winning proposal to the Hyundai Visionary Challenge 2018. In my proposal, I outlined how to use mixed reality to allow humans and robots to work next to one another safely in factories.
  2. Seereal: Winner of Most Innovative Hack, Hack@Brown 2018. Seereal is an Augmented Reality Cereal Experience. We used phone based AR to make games that pop out of cereal boxes. We actually pitched this to General Mills, but didn’t end up pursuing it.
  3.  SommaliAR: Winner of Best UX, Hack@Brown 2017. SommaliAR is a mixed reality wine tasting experience. Users drank real wine while they were transported to vineyards. At the end there was an easter egg where they ate Cheese-Its in outer space.
  4. Rox Star VR: Winner, Best Microsoft Project at Hack@Brown 2016. Rox Star is a virtual reality karaoke game where you appear to be standing on a stage in front of a roaring crowd. The mic you sing through has audio sweeting (auto-tune, harmony, reverb), so the singer sounds great (well, better) no matter what. A Kinect tracks the users so gestures like raising your arms in the air cause the crowd to cheer. This was actually the first time I had ever built something with Unity.
  5. Fingerknots: A multiplayer touch game that is kinda like Twister for your hands. Made in Unity, it was a good learning experience in dealing with game logic as opposed to an immersive experience. We really had to sit and think about turn order, checking game state, and making sure rules were being enforced.
  6. Three.js Experiments: I was a TA for computer graphics at Brown, and tried to learn some graphics that could be useful on the web. Here is a small demo of my experiments. What I learned: Javascript, Three.js.